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Due to COVID19 private dog training lessons CAN NOT be done with the trainer in the customer's home and are being done online with video conferencing. It's a new way to work with dogs and their owners! It's still private on on one programs with live interactive lessons as well as videos.


The training is performed in the convenience of your own home at times that fit your busy schedule.  You'll feel secure knowing that you have unlimited email and phone access to me during your program.


Jump Start Weeks- You will receive Jump Start Weeks. That's where you get to have me work with your little buddy one on one for three whole lessons during one weeks time. You will enjoy how jump start weeks help to get the process going. 

Field trips- You will get the chance to work with me where ever your problems occur.

Online Lessons- You will get access to videos and online lessons that are available to you 24/7.


Any programs can be customized to fit your particular needs and goals. Private training is all about you, your dog, and your goals.


Some common problems that can be resolved include: jumping, barking, pulling on leash, destroying things in the house, fear of strangers, fear of dogs and other animals, fear of noises, anxiety, mouthing and play biting, running away, guarding food and toys, growling at family members or other pets, and many more.

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