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The Grooming Shop Comes To You.
How Does It Work?

You get a grooming shop in your home. I bring all of the necessary equipment and set up in your kitchen or laundry room. You get the same high-quality grooming that you would receive in any of the grooming shops where I've worked. I'll bathe, fluff dry, trim nails, clean ears  and give your dog a great hair cut with clippers, hand scissoring and/or hand stripping depending on the breed and the desired look. This is a convenient option for people who work from home or are at home during the day. Many dogs who are nervous about grooming love being groomed at home.


All dogs are bathed in your kitchen sink. Sorry to all of you with bigger dogs, but your bath tub just can’t do the job.


Please e-mail me at for 

more information about grooming and to find out 

if I am able groom your dog in your home! 


I service Nashua NH, Chelmsford MA and 

surrounding areas.

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