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The Grooming Difficult Dogs Survey!


Hello fellow groomers and dog pros! My name is Chrissy Neumyer Smith. I'm a groomer, trainer and behavior consultant. I used to have a tough time with difficult dogs. I now get the difficult dogs on a regular basis and teach them to be great grooming dogs. The methods create long lasting effects. Many of these dogs go on to being good for the vet too. It's not magic, it's a skill that I'd like to teach others.


I would love to help you all with the dogs that aren't good for grooming. My first step in this process is asking all of you what you'd like to know more about. What are the questions that you ask yourself when you have a difficult dog on the table? What kind of problems are you facing? Are you worried about injuries to people and dogs Do you feel like you loose money on difficult dogs? Do you have problems dealing with the owners of these dogs? Are you seeing more dogs with issues than ever before because they're coming from rescue? Do you wish that you had time to teach owners to work on skills at home?


Please tell me more! I want to help you! Feel free to share this with other dog pros! 

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